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We are becoming more and more dependent on apps in our everyday life. This list contains 12 apps every phone should have.


Usually is preinstalled on most phones but if you don’t have it you should download it. It’s a mass global social networking site which allows you to share photos, videos and talk to friends.

  • PriceFree


Same as Facebook usually preinstalled. Allows you to share “Tweets” pictures etc. It’s pretty much the same as Facebook but I find it more mobile and tablet friendly.

  • Price: Free


Usually preinstalled, YouTube is a global video sharing sites. Allows you to listen to music, watch documentaries, watch vloggers.

  • PriceFree


 Viber allows you to communicate across the globe via text or phone call. The great benefit of Viber is that it’s free. All you need is WIFI or a data package. It makes the people far away from you just that bit closer.

  •  Price: Free


Usually more popular with the younger generations. It allows you to send pictures or videos for only 10 seconds. After this the clip is deleted forever. ( unless it gets screen-captured) Allows you to have fun without the fear of being caught.

  • PriceFree


Usually is preinstalled. Allows you to access your emails while on the move. If your a business person this app will be your life saver.

  • PriceFree

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser which allows you to search the web. I find this one to be the best as it has a good user-friendly interface and is usually the fastest browser.

  • PriceFree

12 apps every phone needs image


Allows you to activate the flash on your camera and keep it activated for as long as you need. This is a life saver on those dark nights or when you can’t find your Keys in your bag.

  • PriceFree

Bleacher Report:

 If you’re into sports this will be your bible. It has the majority of sports available and allows you to choose your favourite team and get i.e. live updates during their games, injuries and transfers.

  • PriceFree

News App

Where ever you are in the world just enter news app into the play store or app store and you will find a news app that is in your region. This will keep you up to date on the latest current events across the globe while on the run or while your chilling out.

  • Price: Free


Allows you to video call over your WIFI/cellular data network. This can be used for personal calls or business conferences.

  • PriceFree


Netflix is an internet streaming site which has a wide variety of shows including breaking bad and orange is the new black. This is a €7 a month subscription. This app allows you to watch TV shows on your phone or tablet. Find out more here.

  • PriceFree (Apart From €7 subscription)

Quick Tip: install these apps to your SD card to save internal memory. Go to settings than memory and change default save location.


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