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So recently I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix and movies. On my laptop and tablet, I have a HDMI port which allows me to connect it to my television and watch whatever I want on a much bigger screen. Unfortunately, We can’t control laptops via brain waves yet, so, whenever a movie finishes or Netflix needs me to click a button to continue watching, I have to get up and do it. #FirstWorldProblems. What I needed was a wireless mouse to let me be extra lazy!

I wanted something cheap and effective. I completed a bit of research to see the various prices. I usually buy stuff from China, so , before I ordered one from amazon I decided to check my favorite Chinese websites. To my luck I found a tablet for €1.79 ( prices fluctuate ). You have a choice of 6 colors. For the price, you cant go wrong and so far I have used this product for one and half years with no issues.

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