C64 Mini Review

The Commodore 64 mini (C64 Mini) was released in October 2018. I’m not the biggest old school retro gamer and my passion for gaming started with the PlayStation 1 but there’s one thing that always […]

Windows 10 logo

Windows 10 Review

A new Microsoft Windows operating system has just been released. All I can say is WOW! In this post i’m going give you a Windows 10 review. I won’t be getting into too much detail […]

Microsoft Linx products

Microsoft Linx 7 Tablet Review

I’m currently attending college and decided to pick up a cheap, small tablet for note taking, emailing, dropboxing and so on. To my luck, an Irish shop was doing an offer online where if you […]

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime phone

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Review

The time has come where I had to upgrade my phone. Previously I had a Huawei smartphone. I can’t remember the exact model but all I know is that it gave me a lot of […]