Dublin web summit stage

The Dublin Web Summit, Ireland’s biggest tech event and possibly Europe‚Äôs biggest tech event. The Web Summit took place on the 29th of October until the 31st in the RDS.

So, after weeks of pestering people who were involved with the Web Summit, I finally got my volunteer position. (Sorry for the spam!) This was perfect. I could now ditch college for a few days and feel good about it!

My journey began on-board a special train organised by Trustev and Fox Pro. (Many thanks) I arrived at Kent station at around 3 o clock and the atmosphere was starting to pick up. People were laughing and joking, TV cameras were starting to arrive and film certain scenes. As time passed a few of my friends and I noticed the train pull and we decided to get on board and find seats. Before entering the train, we were all handed free Microsoft jumpers.

When we were on the train we were all given tablets and laptops by Microsoft to play with and pass the time. This was awesome! Shortly after we took off, the train began to pick up the atmosphere. People were giving talks on various business matters. There was a pitch competition which provided us all with entertainment. We arrived at Sandymount dart station at around 8 pm. From here we went onto the RDS and registered.

My living arrangements were to stay in the Generator Hostel. This was cheap and cheerful and did the job. The next day I was in the RDS for 6 am and began my volunteer shift. I had an awesome position as I was assigned the job to sign in the various speakers and the founders.

My shift finished, I was then allowed to roam about. There were several stages located around the RDS and in the main hall area, companies were scattered all around.

They were trying to raise the profile of their company and if their product or service was good enough, receive investment if they were lucky. In my opinion I think it was difficult for a company to stand out as everyone was promoting the shit out of there product. It’s hard for a diamond to stand out covered in rock. I feel bad for the people who paid so much to be there as it was a maze of companies.

Shane Smith of Vice on stage

The main stage! Where the selected few were given time to talk. I was most pumped about seeing Shane Smith from Vice. But along the way I listened to some interesting people. First, Gary Vaynerchuk. He made the crowd laugh within the first few minutes and had all our attention in the palm of his hand.

Tony Hawk surprisingly enough had an awesome talk. We also seen our Taoiseach ring the NASDAQ bell. The next day I seen Shane Smith talking. This was sweet. I see awesome video clips of the time he was in North Korea and Pakistan. He lived up to my expectation.

After this my friends I began walking around to RDS and ended up with at least two bag packs of free t-shirts, stickers, pens and a lot of free Fanta and Red Bull. (I love Freebies)

So, all in all The Dublin Web Summit was a great experience, met lots of new people and got my foot into the Tech world. I met people from all over the world and started networking. So, will I be returning next year? Absolutely!

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