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Helpr is an app designed to help people with language and communication disabilities. People with these disabilities are able to send their physical and physiological needs to their parents/guardians via one click of a button.

Helpr uses user friendly buttons which are designed to allow the user to interpret their meaning. The parent/guardian will then get a SMS notification and/or email of the action the user requires when he/she clicks it.

These actions can then be graphed which can be used for e.g. bowel pattern for medical purposes. I hope this app can help improve the life of people that need it.

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More In Depth:

There are many mobile applications available throughout the world. IT, in my opinion can be of great benefit for helping people. Through many hours of researching e.g. Android’s Playstore, there seems to be no application available to help users with language and/or communication disorders easily communicate with their parents/guardian.

Communication is something that the majority of the world take for granted. It is important to produce IT applications that can help benefit people from all walks of life. There is a wide gap in the market for creating a user-interface that is simple enough for a child to understand and as a result of an action within the application, notify a parent/guardian.

Technology is something that is common in every household not only nationally, but internationally. The technology is available to be used yet there is no efficient application of this sort. Not only is the technology there and ready to be used, a lot of useful information can be gathered from an application like this. If a user has a language or communication disorder, he/she may find it difficult to explain how he/her is feeling to e.g. a medical professional.

The data gathered from an application like this can help narrow down possible ailments associated with the user. The application can act like a diary, logging all information about the user that could be of benefit in the future. The ”Helpr” application aims to be an all in one solution.

Main features of Helpr

  1. Simple account creation and login.
    • Parent/guardian/carer can login via social media platforms e.g. Facebook, Google.
  2. One click notifications
    • A user can communicate with their parent/guardian carer via user friendly buttons.
    • Notifications can be sent via e-mail and/or SMS.
  3. Graph data that can be used by medical professionals.
    • Can be used if a user is feeling sick e.g. a user could be sick for a week. The doctor could then check the users bowel patterns via the application.