internet vs TV battle

Is internet better than TV? I’ve had sky all my life. For those of you that don’t know, sky is a service which you pay for monthly or yearly. They give you a “Skybox” and then you can watch satellite TV. With the current economic climate, I was considering scrapping the sky package and setting up a PC in the living room.

Personally, I’m sick of sky and the same TV shows that are constantly on. If we happen to buy a PC for the living area, then we have the entire world of TV a few clicks away. For example, if I was to use one of the big streaming sites i.e. Netflix, which only cost €7 a month it would work out way below the price of e.g. Sky TV.

With Netflix I can watch whatever I want globally with a few changes to DNS (Domain Name System) settings. What this means is basically you are tricking e.g. Netflix into thinking you are in a different country and as a result you get that countries shows/movies which might not be available in e.g. Ireland. Not the same boring Jeremy Kyle on every day at 4 pm but rather whatever I want. Netflix is just one example of an online streaming site.

internet beating tv

You can always use YouTube to watch vloggers (Video Bloggers). Personally, I watch BfvsGf quite a bit as well as Ctfxc. On YouTube there is also documentaries and channels specific to documentaries i.e. Vice. Vice has a wide array of documentaries which are fantastic. I met Shane Smith of Vice at the Dublin Web Summit. See more here.

Torrenting is why I love the internet. Note, this can also be used in an illegal way. You should be very careful when torrenting as piracy is not a victimless crime. I do not condone piracy. This paragraph is purely for educational purposes and I hold no responsibility. This is a brief guide into torrenting. You need a torrent client e.g. (uTorrent) then go to a torrenting site e.g., Pirate, isohunt. Here you can search up whatever in the world you want to watch. When you find what you want, click into it and select “download torrent” and the it will begin downloading in e.g. uTorrent.

So, all in all, yes, the internet is slowly taking over TV. It’s basically free apart from paying for your internet service which is common in most households. So, my advice is to put your PC downstairs and connect it to your big 52″ TV via HDMI cable and buy Netflix. The first months free so try it and I’ll guarantee you’ll love it.

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