Android vs iOS battle

The current big question involving smart phones is iOS vs Android. Which one is better? What has more features? Why is it better? I’m going to tackle them both and you can choose for yourself. Why not check out the Android phone I bought recently.

Lockscreen: With the iOS7, you get a pretty basic user interface. It shows the time, date. You get access to the control centre and notification centre. With the Jelly Bean 4.3 you can add widgets to the lock screen giving it more of a professional feel as well as making it look better.

 Homescreen: iOS7 offers 24 icons to display while Jelly Bean 4.3 only has 20. Both can create folders which allows you the user to spice up your device. Once again Jelly Bean has more customization with its battery draining live wallpapers and widgets.

Parallax effect: Available on the iOS7, this makes the background image move depending on the way you angle the phone. This feature looks cool on paper but in reality, I find it to be a distraction and battery draining.

Accessibility: Jelly Bean 4.3 has one notification bar on the top of the screen and if you drag it down it allows you to toggle buttons which are used most often. i.e. WIFI, data roaming, Bluetooth. The iOS7 has a notification centre on top as well as having a control centre on the bottom. On iOS7 you can always access the two centres where as on the jelly bean most full screen apps make the notification bar disappear.

Keyboards: Both OS have easy to use keyboards. both have a wide range of languages and have good prediction. On the jelly bean there is a swipe feature which allows you to type faster. It doesn’t work as good as it should unfortunately. iOS7 has iMessage which tends to be fast and shows if the person you’re talking to is typing.

Android vs iOS image

Syncing: Both iOS7 and Jelly bean 4.3 have both good syncing abilities. iOS7 will sync flawlessly to iCloud while jelly bean 4.3 also does the same with Google Calendars.

Extras: Jelly bean 4.3 allows split screen. this means that if a tablet is used for a family all your files will be kept separate. Multimedia functions is also easier on the Jelly bean as you can simply copy paste music/video files etc. While iOS7 only has iTunes.

Artificial Intelligence(AI): Jelly bean 4.3 uses Google now while iOS7 uses Siri. Siri seems to be to understand questions more while Google now goes that extra bit i.e. Giving opening times to a restaurant you just searched.

Camera: The iOS7 has some great features built into its photo software. This includes a great choice between filters. The Jelly bean 4.3 camera features are basic, but the play store allows you to download them in an after-market app, but in Jelly bean 4.3 there are better share features with your photo software i.e. Instagram, Facebook etc.

My Decision: Overall, I’d choose the Jelly Bean 4.3. For me, customization is key. I like to be able to style the look of my phone. That is why I picked Android. iPhones are great don’t get me wrong, but the high price tag doesn’t always mean high quality. It’s your phone you and as a result, you should be allowed do what you want with it.

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