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Ever since the iPhone and other Apple products came out, I never really seen the point in people spending so much money on these products when you can get very similar products for cheaper from other companies like Samsung, HTC etc. In saying this, I’ve always been a little bit jealous of people having that little half eaten Apple logo facing opposite their ear while they are on the phone. I’ve previously wrote about Android vs iPhone’s here.

This Christmas I got an iPhone as a present. I was over the moon. Literally had a smile on my face for days. First thing I have to say about the iPhone is the box. The box is elegantly designed, and the material used is almost as joyful to touch as fresh bed sheets. The box slides open from top to bottom. It’s cool. It’s a magnificent piece of engineering that works through releasing air slowly from the box. The usual poorly crafted android box has nothing on Apples un-boxing experience.

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To top it all off, the inside of the box has different layers which all fit snug together. Instruction manuals (which we all read) are made of good quality material whereas with android box contents are usually made up of recycled paper which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The un-boxing of the iPhone had me hooked before I even turned on the phone.

The phone to hold is also very well ergonomically designed which means it fits perfectly into the human hand. Upon starting the phone up you see that infamous Apple logo light up the front screen. Set up was relatively easy just creating an Apple ID and so on. I’ve had the phone for almost a month now and it hasn’t slowed down in the slightest. This is in comparison to my previous experiences with Android phones.

Everything runs so smooth and flawlessly. I am now an Apple fanboy. Although most people who are working in the same industry as I am prefer android due to its large customization ability and ease of installing apps that aren’t on the play store. With an iPhone, you can feel the quality of the phone the second you pick it up, That, the un-boxing experience and the beautiful OS (operating system) turned me into an Apple fanboy for life.


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