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internet vs TV battle

Internet Better Than TV?

Is internet better than TV? I’ve had sky all my life. For those of you that don’t know, sky is a service which you pay for monthly or yearly. They give you a “Skybox” and […]

Android vs iOS battle

iOS7 Vs Jelly Bean 4.3

The current big question involving smart phones is iOS vs Android. Which one is better? What has more features? Why is it better? I’m going to tackle them both and you can choose for yourself. […]

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime phone

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Review

The time has come where I had to upgrade my phone. Previously I had a Huawei smartphone. I can’t remember the exact model but all I know is that it gave me a lot of […]

Dublin web summit stage

The Dublin Web Summit

The Dublin Web Summit, Ireland’s biggest tech event and possibly Europe’s biggest tech event. The Web Summit took place on the 29th of October until the 31st in the RDS. So, after weeks of pestering […]