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A new Microsoft Windows operating system has just been released. All I can say is WOW! In this post i’m going give you a Windows 10 review. I won’t be getting into too much detail about multi-platform apps and what not as for the majority of Windows 10 users, this isn’t really desirable.

Is Windows 10 worth the upgrade? 100% yes! Windows 10 is easily better then Windows Vista,7 and 8. The upgrade is simple and easy. If you are worried about losing your personal data, don’t be. When you’re installing Windows 10 you have the option of keeping your personal files (and applications) or a clean install which deletes everything from your previous Windows operating system.

Windows 10 looks beautiful. It’s easily going to challenge Mac OS for looks. They have changed the icons e.g. recycle bin icon etc and have also changed the design of the window panes. The new designs are slick and beautiful. The fact that Windows 10 looks so much better than previous versions of Windows was enough for me to upgrade alone. The Microsoft team have listened to the community and have implemented changes that we all want to see in Windows 10.

Microsoft have brought back the start button to an extent. When you click into it, it shows your recently used apps and apps available from the Windows store. It also has the usual bells and whistles of power options, file explorer and so on. Windows 10 has a new search feature using an artificial intelligence (AI) named “Cortana”. The AI is currently not available in my region, so I can’t say whether it is good or not. From looking online, I’ve gathered that it’s a cool feature, but the novelty will wear off in time and you won’t really use poor “Cortana” anymore.

Windows 10 Cortana in action

One of my favourite things (apart from the looks) about Windows 10 is the Task View button located near the start button. It is like the ALT+TAB feature on previous Windows but it functions better as it gives you more flexibility with your tasks. It also gives you the option of adding a second “virtual” desktop which means you can chop and change from a cluttered desktop to a nice clean one within a few clicks of a button.

The only downside to Windows 10 is in the future I predict that Microsoft will try and get you to buy the office 365 subscription which will have you connected to the cloud-based platform “OneDrive” which in turn you can pay more money to have more space. If you use “OneDrive”, Microsoft will have access to all your files and personal data stored on it. (Not that they can’t already). I would recommend using Open Office and Dropbox combination (both free) rather than the office 365 suite.

So, should the average user or even hardened Windows Vista/7/8/ user install Windows 10? Yes, you really should. It looks so good. It has a tonne of new features. It’s free too. If you don’t like it (which I highly doubt) you can re-install your old Windows operating system. Kudos to Microsoft on a beautiful operating system.

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